Fell Foot Parkrun #173

View at the finish line of Fell Foot Parkrun

Wow!  This has got to be amongst the  most amazing views coming into any finish line at a Parkrun.  Situated at the bottom of Lake Windermere you look up the length of the lake, with the hills as a backdrop.  Good job I took the time to appreciate it before the start because I certainly wasn’t looking at it when I can into the finish puffing and panting.

We’d been in the Lake District for a couple of days and the weather had been glorious, I’m guessing it’s not like this all the time, and Saturday morning was no exception.  The sun was already beating down, and I’m not one for running in the heat if I can help it, I just overheat and look like a beetroot. But in such a beautiful location I really couldn’t complain.

The course started in the park, then went out to a nearby field.  Round the field, which very kindly had been mown round the edges for the runners, back into the park, past the finish line, up a slight incline back to the start point, then repeat for a second lap.

The majority of the course was on grass and at least for the first lap the grass was still wet with dew and a little slippy.  Trail shoes would probably have been a better choice than my trainers.  The course is best described as undulating, pretty much as the whole area seems to be (I don’t think they do flat), and with very little shade it was a hot and sweaty run.  Some courses can be quite tight in places with a lot of runners, especially at the beginning, but I didn’t experience that here, especially once we were headed out to the field where there was plenty of space.

The first lap as usual I found the hardest, just getting my body to start moving, but once on the second lap, despite being so hot, I was flying (well in terms of my speed I was).  I came in with a time of 31:21 which considering I haven’t been back running long and am not pushing myself at the moment, as I don’t want to do too much too soon and get injured again, wasn’t too bad.

I stood under a large oak to cool down on the finish, whilst others were taking the benefit of being on a lake and going in for a dip, most paddling but a couple actually swimming.  If I’d had a towel, I probably would have joined them.

In for a dip

There were 246 finishers this week which seems to be a regular number, quite a few being visitors, one from as a far afield as Australia.  As usual the volunteers were great and very friendly, as most people we met whilst staying here, and did an amazing job, thank you.

Car-parking was easy but a little pricey at £3 for an hour.  If you were doing this run regularly you get free parking with National Trust membership, as that is only £5.75 (currently) a month for an individual, it would work out a lot cheaper and you get the other benefits of National Trust membership.

This was a lovely Parkrun and one I would definitely do again if I were in the area (which I’m hoping I will be as it’s a beautiful part of the world that I had never seen before).