About Me



Hi my name is Heather, welcome to my personal blog, Middle Aged Lady Runner. I am 50 years old and took up running about 18 months ago.  Like many people I was very active as a youngster, but life started to get in the way, particularly being a busy mum to four children, and this fell away. I became increasingly inactive and the weight started to pile on.

With my 50thbirthday rapidly approaching, I needed to do something and decided to take up running, after all I just needed a pair of trainers and to head outside, right?  Well, over the last year I’ve learnt that it isn’t always as straight forward as that. I seem to have spent nearly as much time being injured as I have being able to run.  Still, I put that down to having spent much of the last twenty years sitting down, and not to my efforts at running.

Over the previous year, in my attempts to improve my running I have tried various different things.  I have entered several 5km and 10km races, investigated different styles of running shoes, and looked into various diets.  I have completed a 6-week running technique course, a weekend of beginners massage and a long weekend yoga for runners course.  I have also seen several physios to try and help with my various injuries.

I want to be fit and healthy and continue that into my old age, rather than deteriorate into inactivity and increasingly poor health in retirement.  I see absolutely no reason why I cannot be as fit and healthy at my age as I have ever been.  I know others take up running after long periods of inactivity and I know how daunting that can be.

I have started this blog to help me keep track of what I have been up to and to show, through my own (mis) adventures, that it is possible to take up running later in life. From my highs, such as completing a 10km race in under an hour, to the lows of suffering a stress fracture.  I am pretty slow and no natural born runner, but I try, I enjoy it and I am much fitter than I have been for many years. I intend to continue trying, improving my fitness and enjoying myself.

Thank you for visiting my site.  I hope you find my stories and experiences helpful in your own journey and hopefully you will come back soon.

All the best