Marathon Training – Week 1

I hope everyone has had a great week and been enjoying the weather.  It’s a tad hot for me, anything over 25 degrees and I start to melt, even when I’m sitting still!  It is certainly very hot for running but I’ve managed to make it through my first week of marathon training, albeit a week late.

On Monday’s I’ve been taking a woodwork class, building my very own toolbox, and by the time I got home this Monday it was way too hot for me to run so I postponed the run to Tuesday, getting up early to get it done.  It was still warm but I made 3.7 miles of the 3-4 miles prescribed in the training plan.  I’m using Jane Tomlinson’s Run for All Marathon Training Plan for Beginners.  I used the same series of plan for my Half Marathon training and I quite like them.  They don’t push you too hard for a beginner and give enough rest days. I find it too much to run 6 days a week as some of the plans, and run much better when I have days off in-between.  I tried the Hanson’s plan before but it didn’t suit me.  The idea behind Hansons is to get you to run when you are tired so when you get to that point in the race your body is used to it.  I really struggled with it and kept getting injured.  I’m not looking to set the racing world on fire – just get round the course.  Still it’s definitely worth having a look around and find a plan that suits you,

Grass looking very dry on my running route

there are loads online to have a look at.

My next run was supposed to be Wednesday, but I had a dental appointment first thing, that involved numbing-up and plenty of drilling – not fun.  By the time I had gotten over that, it was again too hot to run, so my run was again postponed until Thursday. Thursday I headed to the gym.  I had to do 3-4 miles steady, so decided it would be easier on the treadmill.  There are a lot of treadmills in the gym, but only one that sits under a working air-conditioner outlet.  I’m not really a fan of air-conditioning, I don’t think its very healthy, but needs must.  David got in first but very kindly allowed me the air-conditioned treadmill.  Still very hot and sweaty, but another 4 miles completed.  I also did some arm weights after my run.  I haven’t really done much strength training recently and its time to get back into it.

Friday I had to do 40 minutes walk/jog, so again out early (not that it makes a huge difference to the temperature) and did a very slow and steady run managing 3.4 miles.  My final run of the week was 4-5 miles on Sunday.  We had decided to go out for the day on Sunday to the Cotswolds County Show, and so I did my Sunday run on Saturday.  Once again up early and out but it was very hard going.  Running three days in a row with the heat, and not sleeping well due to the heat didn’t help, but probably the biggest factor in my struggle was the bottle of wine I had drunk the night before – really not a good idea.  I don’t know how anyone else finds alcohol and running but I certainly notice the difference if I’ve had a few drinks and then get up and run in the morning.  Time to cut-back I think if I’m going to make it through this training plan.

Couple of new friends at the Cotswolds County Show

Saturday afternoon I watched the football in the pub (yes I know drinking again), along with probably most of the country.  Was quite shocking that it was so easy.  I don’t think anyone that watches England play football is used to such things, I kept waiting for Sweden to equalise and it go to extra time and penalties.  Well done to those young lads.

So my first week of marathon training is done and I managed to fit in all the sessions, with some jiggling.  On to week 2.  I’m hoping for some slightly cooler weather this week and I know that David is, he has the 100km Race to the Stones on Saturday, mad fool that he is.

Thank you to anyone that donated to my fund raising page Running Down Dementia.  I’ve passed the running 100km before 31st August and raised the minimum £100 for Alzheimer’s Research.  If you haven’t donated and would like to, there is still time just click on the link above.

Have a good week everyone, stay well and keep on running.



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